Post-Lockdown Anxiety Group (Online)

Are you feeling anxious as lockdown eases?


As vaccines become widespread and lockdown begins to ease, the idea of returning to the workplace, re-engaging with your social life or even leaving the house may be feeling daunting. You may wonder if you can deal with the busyness of your past life, feel less confident, worry about social anxiety or feel afraid of catching or transmitting coronavirus.


If you are feeling anxious about post-lockdown life then this weekly online support and therapy group may help relieve any trepidation, isolation or fear that you may feel. Through facilitation of this group I aim to provide a safe space where you may find solace and courage as you share experiences with others in a similar boat, supporting and encouraging each other as we emerge into the brave new world. 

 I keep each group small and the fee is £20 per 90 min session.

If this feels like something you’re struggling with then please contact me to discuss whether this group might be helpful and find out more.